Welcome to Women's Club in Birmingham!

Our women's family club aims to bring together individuals and families who need any kind of social life or support. Professional artists, psychologists and tutors help to become familiar with a local culture, find friends and overcome barriers. We work to enrich our society with new knowledge and skills. Whether you're from Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Ireland, China or anywhere else - there are no geographical borders within our club where we provide a variety of classes, workshops and tutoring sessions.

Natalia Nezlobina, Chairman

FREE Arts & Crafts Workshops for Everyone!

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Learn new skills to enhance your life & meet new people in your area.

  • Workshops every Saturday morning at Bromsgrove Library 10-12noon and every Saturday afternoon 2.15 – 3.45pm at Alverchurch Library from 9th September 2017 (term time only) – open to all ages with an artistic soul!
  • Workshops aimed to give additional skills in painting, creative craft, knitting, crochet, DIY etc.
  • Work together on your piece of art and share experiences and skills in an informal and friendly setting.
  • Sessions are FREE - all necessary materials are provided.
  • Join us today and enjoy club activities weekly!
  • Register your interest by contacting Natalia on 07866 425986 

For children as well as mums, dads, family and friends! Everybody is welcome, please see the About Us and Events sections for more details.

                       Arts and Crafts

Learn traditional arts, crafts and applique skills

Self-   Improvement

Be the best version of yourself

Conflict Resolution

Improve your communication skills

                 Joining Groups

Learn how to make friends and improve your social skills